I am a physicist, with inclinations towards whatever stumbles me, on the way of life.

So far, Tamil, philosophies (Advaita siddhanta, Buddhism, foundations of physics and western philosophy), computing, linguistics, carnatic music, instrumentation – making improvised gadgets, geometric structures and musical instruments, particularly Carnatic Venoos (Bamboo flutes), etc.

Hope you find my interests interest you!

This blog is an “awakening” after almost a decade long hibernation at


My other blogs

A little information about my professional side


My diary on the foundations of physics and quantum physics


My tries with different flavors of OS and config hacks, arduino and raspberry pi projects.


and of course this blog!

Articles on Tamil, Science popularization in Tamil, Indology, Philosophical, political, ethnolinguistic views through the eyes of a physicist.


Sorry, if you find nothing/less on the blogs!  Some of the works are not made public yet!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Nageshwar.. Just i had chance to visit and read your articles..I thought you are the physicist but you are versatilist which is including in Tamil.. Very nice.. Keep it up dude.. Take care..


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