Jallikkattu – A hope for bringing the Tamils together!

There are discussions on why jallikkattu is given much importance and why many do not raise their voice against on other issues.   In my view,  along with the Jalikkattu, all the Tamil’s issues are interconnected.  Essentially, it all shrinks to a point that central and state governments are not listening to the people.  From JJ calling the flood-stricken people as  “Anbarndha Vaakkala perumakkalae” to photoshop works of CM and PM offices on the lighter vein. On a strong note, implementing and proposing vedic and agamic rules, proposing  hidden agenda on single-language policy to signing the new nuclear deals and they have agenda for ‘make in India’, but close the locals’ business,  exclusively for Tamils, not supporting the Tamil Departments in many universities by funding and not maintaining the chairs and even the specialized Central Institute for Classical Tamil research.  Every thing has one move, which I could never grasp, but the moves seem definitely against the people.

Anyway, we have been fighting for the rights or for the needs locally.  All the time, people have been fighting on their local issues, taking away the panchami lands by the political and don-like figures have been there for more than 20 years. And rupturing the eco-systems, be it the local lakes or mining, every issue has been dealt by the locals and they keep on fighting. Only thing is Chennai has been isolated with its own news and celebrations, not the majority were interested in others’ problems.

I can give an example from the smallest part, in which we have been living for more than 50 years, it has a few streets. For you, the electricity problem was in limelight only for this decade, even though Chennai was not very much affected, it was reflected in the political ways. However, we have been living such conditions nearly 30 years (there was no electricity before, as it was a newly created area), and most importantly, our place is very close to Madurai airport (just 2kms away)! We also still fight for our rights, write petitions and etc. The officers who are lenient in filling the Chennai lakes with buildings, actually create a lot of troubles in our place, telling that we live in water catchment area, and the local kanmaai is approximately 150 meters away, even during the heavy rains, it does not enter into our area, so we are relatively in the safer and legally not violating area. Even such a small area with less than 100 families has many issues, so each has its own intensity!

Fishermen community from the Nagercoil, they have their own issues, many have cancer which is due to the reason that the beach sand has radioactive material! There the conditions are very natural, we can not avoid that, still we need to adapt to the situation. But the situation takes a big turn, when we oppose the Koodankulam project, many point that we have electricity problem, we need them at any cost. in a reactor, here we are going to use the same radio-active material in an intensive way!

We can not complain others for their discreetness on such issues, However, I see the jallikkattu issue reinforces all the problems to a single point, I think, it is because that many are still villagers in their heart and looking for their roots in various ways, as the globalized world swallows them in.  Though Jallikkattu, Silambam, Kalari and other martial arts were sporadic,  even at 2 or 3 generations back from our time, we still have the ‘genetic’ vibrations in the back of our heads!  If the jallikkattu will happen, against the court’s verdict, it may be a good indication that, we would join our hands together to speak of other atrocities, in the name of globalization and political agenda.  So, it might be a great start!

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